19 May 2013

Church Record Sunday: Henry & Kezia Eckman

The Smithville Church of God in Smithville, Lancaster County recorded Henry and Kezia's burial in their small graveyard. Henry was born 13 September 1826 and buried on 17 Mar 1904. Kezia was born 1 November 1828 and was buried on 17 September 1884. Kezia's note reads: "w of Henry".
About Henry Eckman: 
I found a Henry & Kezia Eckman in 1860 (on the 1860 Census) in Providence Township, Lancaster County, PA. He was 33 years old and a laborer. Kezia was 31. Living with them was four year old Albert Martin. The 1860 Census however does not record relationships among household members. Henry registered for the US Civil War Draft in 1863. His age, as of 1 July 1863, was 35. It reveals only that he is white, lives in Providence Township, is a laborer and was born in Pennsylvania.
I found the three again on the 1870 Census. Henry of course was 43; Kezia was 41 and Albert was 14. Also living with them was three year old William Zittle and 26 year old Elizabeth Gochnauer. Henry was a farm laborer. Kezia was keeping house. Elizabeth was a domestic servant. She was white. There is no relationship listed for the two boys.
The 1880 Census answers some questions posed by the earlier censuses. Henry, now 53, and Kezia, 51, are still living in Providence Township in Smithville. With them is his mother-in-law Lydia Gochnauer, 74, and 13 year old nephew William Zittle, as well as nine year old niece Annie Lanions. The children were at school. Henry was a laborer. The two older women kept house at home. All were born in Pennsylvania, as were their parents.
The 1850 Census does include 23 year old Henry Eckman, a single man. He was at home in Little Britain Township, Lancaster County. The head of household was 38 year old Daniel Eckman, assumably his older brother. Also living there was 68 year old Susan Eckman (assumably his mother), 27 year old Hironomous, 22 year old Susan, and 19 year old Catherine. A Thomas Henry, age 23, also lived with the family.
Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Historic Pennsylvania Church and Town Records; Reel: 1000.

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