30 May 2013

NMAM: John Frederick Eckman

John Frederick Eckman served in the Navy in WWI. He served from 23 September 1918 until 30 September 1921.

He was born on 20 February 1897 to William Aldus and Annie E Stively Eckman in Quarryville. The 1910 Census shows the then 13 year old John at home in Lancaster City. He was one of five children, although his parents had lost a child by the 1910 census. His father was a commercial traveler in the carpet cleaning industry.

In 1918 when he registered for the draft, John was living in Detroit, MI, working for a sales company. His father, who was listed as his closest kin, was still in Lancaster County, PA. The 1920 census includes John as a lodger with the Trapp Family in Detroit. He worked as a machine operator in the auto industry.

He passed on 20 January 1985. He is buried at the New Providence Mennonite Cemetery, New Providence, Lancaster County, PA with his wife Helen May Moore (1895-1971).
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