07 May 2013

NMAM: Peter Ruczhak

May has been designated by Congress as National Military Appreciation Month. As such, Genealogical Gems is featuring a veteran or current member of the military each day. Today, I selected my Uncle Pete.

Uncle Pete is my paternal grandfather's youngest brother. Born 16 October 1932 to Panko and Bessie Matys Hruszczak, he grew up and lived his life in Coatesville.

Peter Ruczhak fought in the Korean War. He enlisted in the US Army on 1 February 1953. He was released on 22 December 1954.

After the war, he returned home and married Marianne Sherman in 1956. They had two daughters. Uncle Pete passed away 19 April 2002 of natural causes. Aunt Marianne passed seven years later.
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