24 May 2013

Today in History: First Night Game in Baseball Played

Tonight the Philadelphia Phillies lost to the Cincinnati Reds 78 years ago. It is not historical that the Phils lost (sorry fans). What makes this event historical is that - in 1935 - this game was the first Major League Baseball game held at night!

While I certainly do not recall this event, I do remember many nights when I stayed over at my maternal grandparents and we all fell asleep listening to the Phils on the radio. I was never really into baseball - except when a guy I liked back in middle school played - so I do not recall the players or how well the team played. I simply rmember cuddling up with my grandfather and listening to the game. He was such a baseball fan!

The Phllies were actually formed back in 1883. Their first game was 1 May 1883 at Recreation Park on the corner of 24th Street and Ridge Avenue.
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