03 June 2013

Jacob Keen Eckman

Today being Military Monday, this post started as what I thought would be a story about an Eckman who had served in World War I. I first found Jacob Keen Eckman by his draft registration papers in 1942 and traced backwards since he was 63 then. I thought perhaps I would find in the first World War. Jacob however had his own story to tell and aside from registering in the drafts, no proof that he actually enlisted or was drafted exists.

In April of 1942, I imagine Jacob read in the daily newspaper about the Allied air raid on harbor city Kupang Timor, about the Destroyer Roper sinking the German U-85 just off our east coast, and how operations had begun to destroy the Sobibor Concentration Camp. Like many other men in America, Jacob Keen Eckman registered in the draft for World War II. Jacob though was 63 at the time.

The 1940 Census shows him and his wife Bertha living in Eden Township. Living with them was a 23 year old domestic named Evelyn Caldwell. She was living with them in 1930, at the age of 13, also but was listed as a lodger. Jacob and Bertha also gave board then to an 18 year old William Edwards. Both William and Jacob listed their occupations as farmer.

The 1920 Census reveals Jacob and Bertha in Eden Township living and working the farm. Living with them is 12 year old George Emore. It (see below) looks like it says that George is Jacob's son however the word between "wife" and "son" is not clear enough to say for sure.

Jacob had also registered for World War I in 1918. The draft registration card reads almost identical, except it reveals a younger man with brown hair instead of gray. Jacob and Bertha owned a 30 acre farm in Eden Township, according to a directory from 1914.

He was born on the first of January in 1879 in Providence Township, Lancaster County to Daniel H. & Martha C. Eckman.

The 1910 Census finds Jacob, age 30 and single,  living with his parents. In addition to his parents, living there were: 23 year old Maude B., 19 year old Lottie V. and two year old H. Hertzler Eckman. Daniel listed the toddler as his grandson. Martha notes she has had five children and all five are still living.

The 1900 Census reveals that Daniel was born in April of 1860 and Martha in October 1858. The census also reveals their other children. D. Martin, 18, was born April 1882. Effie M., 15, was born November 1884. Bertha M., 12, was born July 1887. Lottie V., 10, was born May 1890.

The 1880 Census shows one year old Jacob with his young parents. Daniel was a farmer and they lived in Strasburg Township.

Jacob lived a long life, passing away in February of 1964, according to the Social Security Death Index.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.