08 June 2013

Sorting Saturday - sifting through the Eckman file

One organization trick I learned early on is that if I file it when I find/acquire it, then I stand a much better chance of it staying with the right family unit. I have my husband's ECKMAN line traced back to just before 1687 when Johannes Eckman was born in Germany. Since I trace not only the direct lineal line but also all the branches, you can imagine how many file folders I have used over the years!

When I come across something that looks potentially keep-able but I just do not have time at the moment to deal with it, it then goes in the general surname folder. I have a folder for each and every direct lineal surname. Post it notes are my next best friend. If I do not write the thought when I have it, I may not get it back for months or even years. So today ... I am sifting through the Eckman folder.

Most of the info in the folder is documentation that I just did not get put away yet. For example, I had some info on John Charles Eckman (hubby's grandfather) in there - including info on his first wife (Emma GOEPEL) and his widowed mother's name after she remarried.

Years ago my system had crashed so I lost a lot of my electronic files. I knew the info but did not recall where my documentation had been. Today, I am finding a lot of that. Even when I type something up  - be it here or in my FTM - I try to always add an "according to" note. I have found over the years this comes in very handy. I also like redundancy and it too has worked for me.

As I go through the Eckman file, I found a copy of the "Immigrants into Pennsylvania" dated 1727. Johannes Eckman is one of the men named as having come over on the William and Sarah, docking in Philadelphia on 18 September 1727. The ship left Rotterdam and the passengers are referred to as "Palatine Passengers." Johannes' brother Hans Jacob is also listed.

I have also found many fellow researchers I have met - many virtually - over the years. I started a (not to be published obviously) database of fellow researchers.

Sadly - my surname folder is only a quarter of the way through and my bed is covered in papers (good God I pray the cat is not in here somewhere - she loves paper!) ... but it is time to put the mom-taxi back in motion! It has been nice though to have a day to myself here though I have to admit. So I suppose my advice to everyone reading this is ... do not procrastinate. Put things in their proper place immediately or spend a beautiful sunny Saturday sifting through paperwork!
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.