31 August 2013

Surname Saturday: Bing

I am ready to cross the pond on most family lines, on both my side and my husband's. However, my BING ancestors are stuck in Chester County, PA. Sarah Bing is my great-great-great grandmother (Sarah Bing - Franklin Still - Pierson Still - Lloyd P Still - mom - me). She was born 18 February 1811 to Robert Bing and Sarah McWilliams. On 30 December 1830 she married George David Still. They lived in East Fallowfield Township. Robert and Sarah had seven (7) children: Sarah, Jane, Mary, John, Samuel, James, and Robert. However I know nothing of Robert and Sarah themselves.

There are no BINGs on the 1780 or the 1785 census in Chester County. However, I did find a John Bing in East Caln on the 1799 tax list, which I obtained from the Chester County Archives. In 1895 there were four Bings listed: James, John, Joseph and Robert. John was in East Fallowfield and the others were in East Caln. James was listed as a laborer. Robert was a blacksmith. The other two did not include an occupation.

I have spoken with another family member who believes - though he concedes it is not proven yet - that Robert died on 5 December 1824 in East Caln. His widow Sarah (nee McWilliams) remarried a man with the last name Myers. She died 13 April 1859 in East Fallowfield. According to this source, Robert had two brothers: James and Joseph. This agrees with other documentation I have discovered over the years.

Another family researcher had listed the mom Sarah's name as Sarah Myers McWilliams. I think she simply got the surnames in the wrong order. Her notes are also from 2000 when programs were not as forgiving or user friendly as they are now. Robert was born in 1781 in Pennsylvania, she confirms. Other than that there really is not anything new or questionable. She does however offer BYNG as an alternate spelling.

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.