04 September 2013

Wednesday's Child

1st grade at St. Cecilia's in Coatesville 1975-1976
The school is now closed. The building sits vacant along Lincoln Highway in town.
(If memory serves ...)
1st row: Bernadette (I think), Bobby Olivera, Darlene Riddle, ?, ?, Kathy, Stephanie Palmer.
2nd Row: Maureen Doyle, Gema Szabo, Patrick Lannigan (I think), ?, ?, Gina Labiak, Billy Pilotti, Karen Yankavich.
Row 3: ?, me, Mary Hennesy, Michael Jason, ?, Cindy, John Goodyear, Kim Karmilowicz, ?, ?.
Row 4: Sister Michael, ?, Bronwyn Zappacosta, Lisa Lemire, ?, Susan Pacana, ?, Tony Previte.
wow lots of question marks there. I though my memory was better than that!

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.