04 January 2014

Sorting Saturday: Hubby's grandfather was a turner!

I have huge surname files on people I can not fit in at the moment or obits as I come across them or simply miscellaneous information. Today, I am working through my massive ECKMAN file (I think only my STILL file is bigger!).

I did however find a copy of the 1910 census with hubby's paternal grandfather on it. I must have printed it out and not had time to review it before. Turns out ... JOHN CHARLES ECKMAN was living on Fifth Street in Philadelphia already in 1910. He was with his first wife Emma GOEPEL and their 11 month old daughter Margaret K. At that time, John (I have to use names not titles on people I never personally met or I would be soooo confused) was a turner.

This is exciting for two reasons: First, Glenn (hubby) had thought/been told that his grandfather (John) had gone down to Philadelphia to be a police officer because Lancaster was not hiring at the time or he could not get a job here for some other reason. (Spoiler: John does become a police officer in Philadelphia).

The second reason this "find" is exciting is because I had not heard of a turner before. Turner was a new occupation for me! Turns out a turner is a machinist (spoiler: THAT apple did not fall far from the tree) who uses a lathe.
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