03 February 2014

Matrilineal Monday: Rosa Kirchner

Rosa Kirchner is my husband's great grandmother (John, Frank, Glenn). She was the daughter of John (Johannes) Kirchner and Barbara Kuhn and was born 4 September 1859 in Lancaster, PA. She was the youngest of four known children. Her siblings are: Mary Anna (b 1851), Philip (b 1852), and John (b. 1857).

I know little of her childhood. The family lived in the Cabbage Hill section of the City with many other German immigrants. The family was Roman Catholic and attended St. Joseph, which at the time was primarily made up of German families.

On 24 August 1881 she married Charles Henry Eckman, the son of John Henry Eckman and Catherine Kezia Creswell. Their son John was my husband (Glenn)'s grandfather. Charles preceded her in death, passing in 1886.

She married Peter Weber some time after. They had one son - Charles - who was born in October 1897.

She passed sometime after 1924.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.