17 March 2014

Matrilineal Monday: Anna Keating Walsh

Anna Keating was born in 1855 in County Mayo, Ireland. Today being St. Patrick's Day, I thought it the perfect day to select one of my Irish ancestors to focus upon!

Anna is one of several children of Martin and Knapy Penelope Keating. My Aug Peg had told me years ago that Anna immigrated when she was five. She came over with her siblings - not sure how many but Aunt Peg did say "brothers and sisters". No one ever mentioned her parents coming over so I have always worked on the assumption that they remained behind in Ireland.

Her and her siblings settled in Ringtown, PA. Aunt Peg had said that the state came in and claimed eminent domain and took the family farm for a highway. A couple years ago however I visited the Ringtown Public Library and the Shenandoah Historical Society and no one recalled any eminent domain cases around then for a highway.

She married Michael Walsh, an Irish immigrant as well, who was living nearby in Shenandoah. They had six children. Eventually the Walsh family moved to Phoenixville in Chester County.

Anna passed on 23 June 1920. She had been struck by lightening. Bright's Disease though had also been listed as a contributing cause of death on her death certificate. Bright's Disease is any of several forms of a disease of the kidneys. She is buried at St. Mary's of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church in Phoenixville.

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.