22 April 2014

DNA proves Eastern European Heritage

My niece (my husband's niece to be more specific) got me the Ancestry DNA kit and I finally got back the results. Big surprise here ... wait for it ... I am 100% of European descent! Like I couldn't figure that out, right? But what I did find interesting is the breakdown of each ethnic background.

I am from - according to the results - 35% Eastern Europe, 29% Great Britain, 17% Ireland, and 14% Scandinavia. Trace regions showed also 3% Western Europe (which includes Germany), 1% Italy/Greece, and les than 1 % (so literally a trace) of European Jewish.

The Eastern Europe did not surprise me at all figuring I am after all half Daddy and half mom and Daddy is all Slavic. It would have been interesting if the DNA test could actually distinguish between Polish and Ukrainian and Russian blood for example.

Great Britain is primarily considered England, Scotland and Wales. It did surprise me that the number was higher than my Irish. Although Ireland here is defined as Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Mom's mother was 100% Irish and mom's paternal grandmother was from Ireland so I sort of expected that number to be a tad higher.

Scandinavia is considered Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The results also show what one is not. So, for example I have zero percent African or Native American in me. The latter is good to know especially when I test the hubby. His family believes they are Native American but I can not document such information. The person in question always shows up as white and shows as being born in New York. So, if the hubby or kids test as having Native American blood, then that will finally be answered ... I think I know what I want for Mother's Day! As for my DNA, I am still reviewing the information and the potential contacts.

Thank you, Michele, for the kit!
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