05 May 2014

Military Monday: WWII POWs

Nearly 150,000 US men and women were taken prisoner during the Second World War. WW2POW.info features the records of 143,374 US men and women held captive by Japan and Germany during the Second World War.

When doing a search for ECKMANs, I had to weed out similar surnames, like Beckman and Heckman. The database provides the specific branch of the person as well as their serial number, the camp they were imprisoned in and whether it was Germany or Japan which detained them.

So for example, here we see Ausbon T Eckman was in the Army. He was captured by Germany and detained at Stalag 10b. Clicking on his name naturally reveals more information.

In all, I found five Eckmans in the database. Four were captured by Germany and one by Japan. Looking above, it is not indicated where Ausbon lived before the War. Some of the records however did provide their last residence. Elmer M. Eckman for example is from Pennsylvania.  Robert E. Eckman was from Iowa. Another Robert E. Eckman is from Texas.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.