23 June 2014

Amanuensis Monday: from Aunt Helen

Amanuensis Monday is a blogging theme for GeneaBloggers which encourages the family historian to transcribe family letters, journals, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts. The letter transcribed here today is another letter from my Aunt - Helen Still Webster. This one she wrote me while I was at Lock Haven University. It is dated Wednesday, 11 January 1990.

My dear Jeanne,

I wish to thank you for the lovely xmas card.

I know you had a wonderful holiday with all your loved ones. I had a nice holiday, too much to eat and too many gifts.

I talk with Lloyd each day. When Mary was sick I used to call each day so I just continued to do that. He makes out very well.

I am so happy you are the News Editor on the University Newspaper. Congratulations. Long ago I used to write a column each week for the Coatesville Record Mortonville News. I got paid 5 cents each inch and if I had 1 column from top to bottom I made $1. That was big money then.

Congratulations. Keep up the good work.
Happy New Year.

great great
Aunt Helen Webster

I am 86 now. My eye sight is poor but I am thankful for many blessings.

The Lloyd and Mary she refers to is my maternal grandfather and grandmother. Lloyd was her nephew. His father, Pierson George Still, was Aunt Helen's brother. Aunt Helen was such a great help with family information and memories. I am so fortunate to have known her.

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