15 June 2014

Census Sunday: 1870 Strasburg Township Eckmans

The 1870 Census for Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, shows four Eckman families. The four family heads are: Daniel Eckman, Eliza Eckman, John Eckman and Benjamin Eckman.
Daniel, age 39, was a carpenter. He was married to 35 year old Mary. They had three children at home then: Letitia, Simon and Serenus R. (sp?).
Eliza, presumably widowed at 65, lived with a daughter Martha, 39. A farm hand by name of Daniel Cramer.
John Eckman, 39, is my husband's great great grandfather (John, Charles, John, Frank, my Glenn). He was a painter. With him lived his 29 year old wife Kate and their children: Clara, Charles H., Dora H. Stella, Martha, and John.
Benjamin, 55, and his wife Eliza, 40, are the fourth Eckman family on this particular page of the census. He was a farmer.
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