25 July 2014

Family Recipe Friday: Anna's Culinary Treats

This is a shot from my daughter's blog. She is quite the baker and does a good job cooking meals too. I, sadly, am domestically challenged. My mom would always shoo me out of the kitchen and do things herself. I would get yelled at - or worse, laughed at - every time I attempted to do something in the kitchen so much so that even now if I do not have to enter the kitchen and cook up something so much the better. I actually have come to hate the kitchen ... but enough of that and back to my Anna!
Anna has started Anna's Culinary Treats! Once she has a few more recipes that are uniquely hers, we will create a Recipe Book. Until then, I invite you to check out her site, try out a recipe, and please by all means leave your comments.
Note: Family Recipe Friday is a GeneaBloggers writing prompt that I rarely use since I do not cook much. I may have Anna try out a few recipes and perhaps guest blog on those days!

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