11 August 2014

Military Monday: Józef Matys

Józef Matys fought in WWII in the Polish Air Force in Great Britain, according to Krzystek's List. I found the resource listed in a Facebook group called Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan. If you have Facebook search relevant groups for your families. Often, there are some great leads.

The site offers the following information:
RAF service number is 794382.
DOB: 12.02.1905
Place of birth: was not listed
Date of death: 1978
Grave location: Nottingham, UK
RAF rank: LAC
Polish rank: plutonowy
trade: mechanic

A few notes:
RAF = Royal Air Force
LAC = Leading aircraftman
plutonowy = platoon leader
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.