16 August 2014

Sorting Saturday - an all day event

Sorting Saturday may have turned into an all day event here! I got up early (3:30 a.m.) with a rather large To Do list and I really have made some good progress already. (It's 8 a.m. btw)

This photo at right is just my card table. My desk is organized but covered in several projects. My bookshelf itself is organized however the bottom shelf (the oversized one where I can shove  bunch of stuff out of the way!) is screaming for attention. My file cabinets/boxes had piles on them that need sorted. My printer is covered in paperwork for church (check off Sisterhood minutes and agenda off that To Do list!). My trash is overflowing.

I went to a book sale yesterday with the girls and of course now I need to devour the books. One I already put up on eBay - Law book: 1952 Handcover Manual for Police and Constables in Pennsylvania. I found it on Amazon for $65. Needless to say, I do not have it listed at that price. The copy I have has an name/address stamped into the book. The name is N. Stanford Miller. The address is RD #1, Jonestown, PA. I got lots of other great finds too which I'll discuss later ... for now time to take the girls to work then back here to continue sorting!
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