01 September 2014

Amanuensis Monday: A letter home

Maria Rice VanHorn is my great great great grandmother. She wrote often to her husband, Chrispin Pierson VanHorn and I am fortunate to have several of those letters. Many are hard to read as she wrote in run on sentences and her handwriting is small. Below are images from one such letter from 1892.

The letter was dated "Phila June 5th 1892." She address Chrispin as "Dear Husband." Her letters reveal day to day things, like it rained a lot and she made a dress, and John and Lizzie moved to a new house. Their new house is a four room house and bath at 816 Como and backs up against the Quaker Burying Ground. She mentions working and that may be why she is living apart from him at the moment. She also mentions a visit from Jim Van Horn and his son Joseph. She signs it simply "from your wife Maria Van Horn"

The envelope is addressed to:
Mr C P Van Horn
Elview PO
Chester County

Elkview is a small hamlet of a town near Oxford in Chester County.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.