27 September 2014

Celebrate Ancestor Appreciation Day

Saturday (27 September) is Ancestor Appreciation Day! Like I need a reason to talk about my ancestors, right!

An ancestor, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is "one from whom a person is descended and who is usually more remote in the line of descent than a grandparent." So today, I would like to recognize ...

my great grandparents:
Panko Hruszczak
Bessie Matys Hruszczak
John Kurenda
Francis Skrabalak Kurenda Keshuta
Pierson George Still
Mary Kilpatrick Still
Martin Welsh
Catherine O'Flaherty Welsh

my 2nd great grandparents:
Theodore Hruszczak
Catherine Romanko Hruszczak
Joseph Matys
Olena Vaspelship Matys
Petri Kurenda
Anna (maiden name unknown) Kurenda
John Skrabalak
Franklin Still
Sarah Jennie VanHorn Still
James Kilpatrick
Michael Walsh (children changed name to Welsh)
Anna Keating Walsh
Dennis O'Flaherty
Martha Durkin O'Flaherty

my 3rd great grandparents:
Nicholas Romanko
George David Still
Sarah Bing
Chrispin Pierson VanHorn
Maria Rice VanHorn
Martin Keating
Knapy Penelope Keating
Patrick Durkin
Abyan Murphy

my 4th great grandparents:
Margaret Still
Robert Bing
Sarah McWilliams Bing
George VanHorn
Jane Dudbridge VanHorn
Lott Rice
Sarah Williams Rice

my 5th great grandparents:
Charles Still
Margaret Rhoades Still
John Bing
Jane (maiden name unknown) Bing
John VanHorn
Jane (maiden name unknown) VanHorn
William Dudbridge
Joanna (maiden name unknown) Dudbridge

my 6th great grandfather:
William Dudbridge

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.