20 September 2014

Sorting Saturday: Feeling overwhelmed

My desks (yes I have added a second one) have piles to go through. I have piles on my printer, on my file cabinets, on the floor and even on my dresser. I am feeling a tad overwhelmed! Now, that said, most of my piles have already been sorted so that all the info in each pile goes together.

Today's "Sorting Saturday" will no doubt stretch into Sunday maybe even next week. I am off from the nursery until Wednesday. Tomorrow I have a Sisterhood meeting after church (finally finished prepping for that last night!). The girls both work Saturday and Sunday so aside from time running them to work and back, I have four more things on my "to do" list for the weekend and Monday.

To Do:
1. Postcards - research and data entry
2. Sisterhood minutes & agenda
3. New genealogy/organization project for someone
4. Organize and sort through my papers to prep for day w/cousins next month
5. Fit in some reading

Every Sorting Saturday begins with me prioritizing my To Do list. In this case, the second had a specific deadline (Sunday) and really did not take long. The first and third are paying jobs so they take priority. I'm not meeting with my cousins til the 6th of October so I can technically procrastinate there for a bit yet. The fifth will act as a break at some point during the weekend!

So ... today's tip then is two-fold: prioritize and sort in relevant piles.

Sorting Saturday is a daily blogging prompt prompted by GeneaBloggers. The idea is to write about any tips on how to go about sorting through a closet or box of stuff, what to do with what you find, organizing, supplies and tools you might need, etc.
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