13 September 2014

Surname Saturday: Coursault

I am doing some side work researching postcards and writing up descriptions for a friend and, like most things in life, there are pros and cons. The major pro of course is that it is work so there is some financial benefits. I am also learning quite a bit about various places and dating postcards in general, which in turn has helped with some of my own research. The con is that I tend to get lost in research!

I was working on a postcard depicting the grave of Benjamin Franklin and his wife. The card itself did not reveal much of interest to me. Dated 1907, it is an undivided back therefore the message had to be written very tiny on the white space at the bottom of the picture on the front. It's addressed to an Ernest McConnell of Narvon, whose family I have not heard of before.

But ... hubby's family (on his mom's side) actually attended Christ Church in Philadelphia. His maternal grandmother is Julia Coursault. Her parents were Charles Edwin and Appelina Coursault. Having visited there for genealogical reasons, I've seen Benjamin Franklin's grave. As I checked out the Church's website (which btw the church is still an active church with Sunday services), I found their Historical Collections Online!

Knowing that Glenn's (that's the hubby btw) maternal grandmother's family had attended Christ Church, I searched for members of the Coursault family. It came up with two results.

Anne Coursault was baptized on 25 April 1899. She was born the month before. Marie Virginia Coursault married Charles Blackman on 25 November 1912 at Christ Church. Annie and Marie are sisters of Julia Coursault. Both confirm parents as Edwin (Charles' middle name) and Appelina Coursault. Sponsors for both were listed as the mother and "Annie Flower Paul". I have no clue who that person may be yet.

Obviously getting sidetracked is not really that difficult for me when I'm researching family-relevant areas! Postcard research is fun but I have found I need to keep a notepad next to me so I remember where to go back to when I have time.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.