11 September 2014

Those Planes Thursday: Christian Herr House

A piece of history is slated to be demolished in West Lampeter Township. Township supervisors sadly approved the demolition at their Monday, 8 September, of a house built by Christian Herr II in 1734. Christian Herr II is the son of Christian Herr I who built the adjoining 1719 Hans Herr House (seen at left), which is the oldest original Mennonite meeting house.

According to an article in the Lancaster Newspapers, current owners of the 421 Penn Grant Road historic home, Randy and Christine Andrews, want to tear down their historic home to make space for a new one.

Step back in time for a moment.
In 1710, the Reverend Hans Herr was among the Mennonites who received land grants near the Conestoga and along what was known as the Great Conestoga Road leading to the west. At that time, the area was part of Chester County, one of the original counties in the Commonwealth. Lancaster County was parceled out in 1729. The Great Conestoga Road was replaced  by Kings Highway (Route 340) in 1733. This road led travelers from Philadelphia and Chester to Lancaster.

The Eckman connection!
Like his father, Christian Herr I was a Reverend as well. Born in 1680, he settled near his father in that area that would become known as Willow Street. He married Anna. Her last name remains unknown. They had eight children, one of whom was the Christian Herr who built the house about to be destroyed.

Christian married Barbara and they had two daughters: Barbara and Ann. Barbara married Henry Kendig, the son of Jacob Kendig and Alice Wade. Ann married twice. Her first husband was Henry's brother John Kendig. Her second husband was Michael Withers.

Barbara Herr and Henry Kendig had seven children. One of whom, Elizabeth, married Hieronimus Eckman! They had two children: Henry and Hettie. Ann Herr and John Kendig had three children.

The Architecture
A January 2003 article from the Hudson Valley Vernacular Architecture offers insight into the architecture of the historic 1719 house.

Lancaster Museum Council (Hans Herr House) & DreamsTime

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