04 September 2014

Throwback Thursday: My grandparents at Coney Island

This photo is in a hodgepodge of photos in an album from my grandmother (Baba - Anna Kurenda Ruczhak - is the lady on the far right). It is one of those postcard photo cards, which in this case does not help me date the photo. My grandfather ( Joseph Ruczhak) is the one standing.
Years ago, before my grandparents both passed, we had gone through and tried to identify people in the album. A note I wrote identifies the man at the far right is Uncle Paul. The man second in from the left is my Uncle Nick - no note but he looks the same in all his photos. I have one of him in his 70s maybe and he still is just as handsome! Uncle Nick and Uncle Paul are both my grandfather's brothers.
I am not sure who the woman on the far left is. The other woman - the one in the middle - looks a lot like other photos of Baba's sister Helen. I cannot confirm this yet though and I have no clue who the man is between her and Baba.
One problem with her album, and the reason I call it a hodgepodge, is that the photos are randomly inserted and include both families. This indicates it was put together after instead of as it was happening.

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