18 September 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: Patents by Frank Still

My great great grandfather was a teacher and a farmer. He worked in the rolling mill and ... an inventor! Frank Still filed patents for a Railway Tie and an improvement for the Railroad Shoe.

The Railway Tie was patented on 12 December 1911. He was 58 years old at the time. The Application was filed 26 August 1911. Serial No. 646,150. The invention, according to the application, "relates to certain novel and useful improvements in railway ties, and has particular application to a metallic tie adapted to be employed in the construction of steam railroads, street and trolley railways or under other conditions where it is desired to employ a metallic tie."

In 1913, he also filed a patent for a Railway Shoe improvement. The Application was filed on 15 January 1913. Serial No. 742,244. The Patent was issued on 28 October 1913.

The patent, according to the application, provides "a railroad tie with a shoe that shall be attached to the corners thereof to strengthen the said tie, to provide a stronger bearing for the rails, and to give the tie a more effective bearing upon the road bed, and to prevent the lateral movement of the ties. "

I learned of these patents years ago at an auction at my Aunt Helen's. She was his youngest child. There was an auction at her place and I was able to get the patents as well as many family photos and letters.

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