10 September 2014

Wednesday's Child: Margaret Dickson

Sometimes the people we seek are not in the births, marriage announcements or obituaries. While checking out the webpage for the Southern Lancaster County Historical Society, I came across a news article about a missing young child. This child is of no known relation to me or to my husband but I thought it interesting enough to share.

A brief note ran in the 10 February 1743 of the Pennsylvania Gazette concerning the missing Margaret Dickson.

WHEREAS Margaret, the Daughter of James Dickson, of the Township of Little Britain, in Lancaster County, a Child about three Years of Age, has been missing from her FatherHouse ever since the 26th of December past; diligent Search and Enquiry having been made after her, and not being yet heard of, suspected she is stolen and carried away: She is a Child of fair Complexion, with long pale Hair, round fat Face, grey Eyes, a black Mole on the right Side of her Neck, a Place above her Forehead without Hair, her right Hand and Foot bigger than the left, of a pleasant Countenance, and speaks plain: Had on when she was miss, a pair of Stays, and a blue quilted Petticoat. Now whoever gives Intelligence where she is, or what become of her, to her Father aforesaid, Chester County, or to Mr. George Gibson, in Lancaster Town, shall receive Ten Pounds Reward, paid by James Dickson.

I know nothing else of her. There was no note on the site indicating the outcome. It simply included the article itself. So who is Margaret? Was she ever returned home? What came of her?

Photo: Dreamstime
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