10 October 2014

Funeral Card Friday: Hugh O'Flaherty

Hugh O'Flaherty was born 31 May 1869 in Phoenixville to Dennis and Martha Durkin O'Flaherty. He is the brother of my great grandmother Catherine O'Flaherty. Hugh married Katherine Dee (daughter of James Dee and Mary Sommers) on 4 November 1903. Together they had five children: Julia, Catherine, Martha, Dennis, and Hugh. They also lost one child, a stillborn child. He was a laborer throughout his life. He worked at the Iron Mill in Phoenixville as well as various odd jobs. He passed away on 24 March 1947. He was predeceased by his wife (Katherine passed in 1922) and all of his children except Dennis.
Funeral Card Friday is a daily blogging prompt prompted by GeneaBloggers in which the main focus of the prompt is a funeral card.

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