24 October 2014

Funeral Card Friday: Miriam Wilson McWilliams

The funeral card of Miriam Wilson McWilliams was found among papers I had bought years ago at a family auction at my Aunt Helen's.

The card reveals that Miriam Wilson McWilliams was born on 27 May 1890 in Coatesville. She died on 27 September 1957 in Hephzibah. She was laid to rest in the public non-denominational Fairview Cemetery in Coatesville. Her funeral service, officiated by Rev. Glenn C. Boice, at the S. Paul Roberts Funeral Home in Coatesville.

Miriam was the widow of Horace Norman McWilliams (1888 - 1946). It is, to be honest, the McWilliams name that piqued my interest. He was the son of James Monroe McWilliams and Margaret Ann Carson. Horace had eight siblings.

James Monroe McWilliams (1859 - 1938) was the son of Samuel Russell McWilliams and Catharine Wagoner. James had five siblings. Catherine died in 1863 and Samuel re-married. James also had four half-siblings.

Samuel Russell McWilliams (1823 - 1903) was the son of Robert McWilliams and Ameila Merns. Samuel served during the Civil War. Samuel had nine siblings.

Robert McWilliams (1792 - 1853) served in the War of 1812. He was the son of George and Jane McWilliams.

George McWilliams was born in 1760 in Ireland.

Now my Aunt Helen (Still Webster) knew everyone in and around East Fallowfield. She also knew her family well. Miriam may or may not have been family. McWilliams was the maiden name of my 4th great grandmother Sarah McWilliams. She was born in 1788, married Robert Bing (1781 - 1824), had seven children, and passed away on 13 April 1859. No one matches up exactly but perhaps George had a brother!

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