14 October 2014

Gems found today

As I research various postcards and the historical images they present, I often stumble upon some gems - usual sites or information that may have a bearing down the road on my genealogical quests.

Today, while searching for information on the timeline of the State Normal School in West Chester, Chester County, I found a timeline for West Chester itself. Lots of great facts here that may help in searches at some point. For example, the Daily Local News was founded in 1872. I'm sure I probably knew that at some point but the reminder is nice!

I also listened to some videos from the National Genealogical Society while I was typing. Donna Valley Russell, fasg, was being interviewed and said one standard documentation concerns bible records. She says the first thing she looks for is the publication date of the bible. Things entered before that date have simply been copied in and cannot count as documentation.

Switching tracks ... I did some research today for a client whose family passed through Canada on their way to America. I found a Library and Archives of Canada! Definitely a site worth bookmarking.

Tomorrow I work at the nursery most of the day but Thursday I am only there until noon. No need to ask for guesses as to where I plan on being ... virtually in Canada!

Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.