26 October 2014

Genealogical Gems Found Today

Today is a Happy Dance Day! I found the maiden name of my husband's great grandmother. I knew only her name was Appelina and that she came over from England. She married Charles E. Coursault of Philadelphia and they raised their family there, attending Christ Church.

Pennsylvania recently released the Death Certificates from 1906 through 1963 inclusively. I did a broad search for Coursaults in Philadelphia and found a Francis Coursault. Francis is a son of Charles and Appelina. His sister Kathryn, who married George Bonner, was the informant and listed their mother as Apolina Morrill. Happy dance!

So of course, off on a virtual side track! Apolina did not come to America all by herself.

The 1880 Census shows her, at age 17, working as a button maker and living with her parents Issac and Mary Morrill and four siblings. The Census looks to read Murrill instead of Morrill. The other children are 13 year old Emma, 11 year old Bella, nine year old John, and three year old Mary. Only Mary was born in Pennsylvania. Everyone else was born in England.

With so much to do today, I had to let go and step back. The Morrill Family will be sought after another day!
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.