04 October 2014

Sorting Saturday: A specific goal

Today I actually have a specific goal for Sorting Saturday! On Monday I am meeting up with two cousins on my Walsh/Welsh side. I am so very excited and yet I find myself nervous. So today's goal is to gather up and organize info (and of course print out some things for them, assuming my stupid printer doesn't pull an attitude with me) on our shared lines.

Those lines are:

From the Walsh side, there is also Keating. From the O'Flaherty side, there is also Durkin and Murphy (Murphy! Aren't I lucky!).

My files above look very organized and for the most part they are ... however I have a wicker basket with surname folders in it.

Everything gets thrown in there! If I do not know exactly where a person fits, he or she lands in there. If I simply do not have time to put a document in the appropriate folder, it goes in there. If I come across a tip or a resource, I write a reminder note to myself. Guess where that note lands!

Today's secondary goal is to put paperwork where it belongs. I also have papers hanging on a bulletin board behind my desk. One of the papers I had hanging, for example, was the Declaration of Intention of my great grandfather John Kurenda. What am awesome paper! It told me where in Poland he was from (Tatary, Sambir, Galicia, Poland), when he immigrated, when he and Frances married and (I had known ALL that) her info! For the first time, I knew where Frances Skrabalak had been born (Temeszow, Poland) and the year and city of her immigration! That paper can now go in his folder today as my sorting continues!

Sorting Saturday is a daily blogging prompt prompted by GeneaBloggers. The idea is to write about any tips on how to go about sorting through a closet or box of stuff, what to do with what you find, organizing, supplies and tools you might need, etc.
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