09 October 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Birthday Week

Maybe because there are two of them. Maybe because I feel guilty I cannot afford one big thing so they get lots of little things. Somehow somewhere along the way Happy Birthday to my twins, Anna & Zorina (turned 16 on Tuesday), turned into Happy Birthday Week!

Tuesday morning they got their presents. I was so excited to find two little Matryoshka key chains for Anna and an owl necklace/watch for Zorina. That night we celebrated their birthday - just the four of us here at home - with a simple dinner and cake! They asked for baked macaroni and cheese and pierogies. Not a combination everyone would choose but it worked for us!

Wednesday (yesterday) the girls got new phones - Windows phones. Tonight we are having dinner out with my Daddy and sister. Our oldest (Mary - that's her at left with the girls) and our nephew (who lives with Mary) are joining us. Friday the girls are having their friends over. They both work Saturday but Sunday the four of us are spending the day at the PA Renaissance Faire, which will conclude their birthday week!

It is so hard to believe they are 16 already. It seems like only yesterday we were rushing last minute (they were a month early) from the doctor's office to Glenn's work to the hospital to hurry up and wait. We waited so long for them it seemed ... but they are so worth the wait. So precious life is in general and then to be graced with twins!  
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