15 October 2014

Wednesday's Child: Dorothy Helen Still

I never knew my Aunt. Her name is Dorothy Helen Still. She was born 17 February 1913 to my great grandparents: Pierson Still and Mary Kilpatrick.

I am sure her family was excited to receive her and felt blessed, having lost their first daughter just three years before. She joined my Uncle Jim (James Franklin Still) in this small family.

Sadly though, she died less than a month later on 8 March 1913 of Pertussis. Pertussis is also known as Whooping Cough, an infection best known for its tell-tale coughing spells that end with an almost dramatic whooping gasp for breath.

She was buried the following day at the Old Doe Run Cemetery. The Cemetery is across the street from the Old Doe Run Presbyterian Church on Strasburg Road, in East Fallowfield, Chester County. She shares a plot with her parents and siblings, with the exception of my grandfather (who is buried with his wife/my grandmother elsewhere). There is one other child - a stillborn - who was buried with Mary Kilpatrick Still, who died in childbirth.

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