03 November 2014

Amanuensis Monday: It's all in the details

This weekend I rearranged my work area and came across a misplaced letter from a Thomas A. Van Horn. The letter is dated 12/13/32.

The letter reads:

Phila 12/13/32
Mr Butterworth,
I except my share which was $20.00 twenty Dollars I am payed in full $10.00 is all I want I am giving the other half to my Aunt Jennie

I remain yours

Thomas A. Van Horn
1313 Mt Ephrain Ave
Camden NJ

The letter was among many correspondence I received years ago at a family auction. It is from my cousin Thomas A. Van Horn and mentions his Aunt Jennie. She is my 2nd Great Grandmother. Knowing the author, I can surmise the year is 1932.

I am not sure who exactly Mr. Butterworth is or what Thomas is paying for here however I do know that his grandfather, Chrispin Pierson Van Horn, was an active member of the Knights of the Golden Eagle so it is possible it is that or a similar fraternal organization.

The "new" information I gleamed from this letter was his address. His WWII Draft Registration lists the Mt. Ephraim address in 1942 but before that I have him in Philadelphia. Hence, this note tightens the approximate move date. There is always something to be learned, no matter how little the detail!

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