22 November 2014

Sorting Saturday: Cleaning up Facebook groups and Twitter

Today began shortly before midnight for me. The first few hours I spent organizing and cleaning my Facebook groups. Wow did I have a lot!

The Facebook groups mostly center around genealogy or history in general. Some are serious. Some are fun - like Cemetery Scavenger Hunt! The idea is each week a different theme is chosen (usually by vote from the week prior) and people submit photos from cemeteries with those themes in the photo. For example this week the theme is "Bicycles, Motorcycles, and ATVs" so a photo may be a tombstone in the shape of a bike or an image engraved in the stone.

Some groups are location specific. For example, I joined the Schuylkill County Genealogy page hoping to connect with any Walsh/Welsh or Keating families and descendants. There is a page for almost every location! One such group is Clearfield County PA Genealogy. I am researching the Novakosky family, specifically Ludwig Novakosky, so I added a note there:
Looking for info pls on a Ludwig Novakosky. He allegedly died before September 1917 in Clearfield County Jail. Story is suicide. Looking for proof ... or direction. TIA

I also updated the Eckman Family Page. Added a cover photo which I will have to remember to change out on a regular basis. The photo is that of John and Catherine Eckman's tombstone. Five of their six children are buried with them. Naturally, hubby's great grandfather is the one child not buried there.

While searching through various pages, I also found that Family Search will be discontinuing their Photo Duplication Services. In addition I came up with several article/post ideas!

I was also cleaning up with Twitter and catching up on tweets. One popped up from the Ukrainian Reporter with the reminder that today - 22 November - is Remembrance Day.

Twitter allows users to create lists. This is so helpful when only searching for a specific topic. I created, for example, a Genealogy List. It simply lists people and companies I have come across (not everyone as I do forget sometimes) who are interested actively in genealogy. Anyone can subscribe to the list as well, as it is a public list.

Regardless of how you connect with other genealogists, every once in awhile take the time to sort through your Facebook groups and Twitter. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed! By the way, you can find me tweeting @jeanne_eckman.

Sorting Saturday is a genealogical prompt by GeneaBloggers.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.