15 December 2014

A letter from a cousin

My 3x great grandfather Chrispin Pierson Van Horn corresponded often with someone named Ramsey. Some letters identify Ramsey as a friend and some as a cousin. Some include his last name as Dudbridge, to whom Chrispin would be related. 

In 1900 Ramsey lived in Hartsville, Bucks County, according to postmarks on various letters. Chrispin lived in Mortonville, Chester County at that time. 

Below is one letter dated 12 April 1900:

Dear Friend, 

News of the (?) was received and was glad to hear that you stood your trip allright and that you are in good health, hoping you will still continue the same. 

Auntie refunds the money to you because you need the money worst than she does and as for the (?) mess, that is free gratis. It is no more than right. 

We do miss you so much. The table looks queer without you and the violin. It seems as if we had moved into another house. 

The boys have been very busy the last week. They have got two and a half acres of spring rye in and if it hadn’t rained today they would of put their oats in and then the potatoes. I wish they were planted. 

I have been making garden this last week. We have our onions some lettuce and radishes and 4 rows of peas planted so I guess this rain is going to start the seeds to grow. That is if it does not rain too hard. 

Mother has not come home yet. I got a letter from her yesterday and she said she was well and having a nice time. She was sorry to know you had gone before she came back. And if she knew you was at the Broad Street Depot she would of come ober to see you off.  

Now I must close as it is feeding chickens time and Carr is hollowing for me. We are all well. Charlies boil is getting better. Good Bye. 

I remain
Your True Friend

A second post today will further explore who Ramsey was and how exactly he was related.
Note: The letter had been written in pencil and the handwriting light enough that I could not get a good image. The envelope above is the one used with this letter. It was postmarked Breadyville. The stamp is a two cent Washington stamp, carmine. It was part of the Ordinary Issue of 1894.


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