13 December 2014

Concentration camp workers executed

Elisabeth Volkenrath, Irma Grese, and Joseph Kramer were executed today in 1945. All three had worked at Nazi concentration camps. All were tried at the Belsen Trial.

Volkenrath was a supervisor at several Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War. The British Army arrested her in April 1945. She stood trial at the Belsen Trial and was sentenced to death. On 13 December 1945, she was executed by Albert Pierrepoint at the Hamelin Prison. She was 26 at that time.

Grese, like Volkenrath, worked in Nazi concentration camps. She too stood trial at the Belsen Trial and was also sentenced to death. She was 23 when she was executed in 1945.

Kramer had been at several concentration camps. Pierrepoint hung Kramer in 1945.


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