12 December 2014

#FF Genealogists on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to communicate with others. Tweets are limited in character number but it is usually easy to tweet out a concise message. You also have the option of linking to an article or blog post or including a photo in your post. I follow many fellow genealogists as well as history related accounts.

Unlike Facebook, the connection does not have to be mutual. So, for example, I follow H2 … you know the television channel that delves a bit deeper into historical topics. The channel tweets at @More2History. However, the channel does not follow me and my tweets.

My most recent follows are:

  1. Crestleaf tweeting at @crestleaf
  2. Lisa Lisson tweeting at @Areyoumycousin
  3. Jan Murphy tweeting at @packrat74
  4. Christine Woodcock tweeting at @genealogytours
  5. Irish Roots Magazine tweeting at @IrishRootsMag
One final note I have changed my user name. I did tweet @jeanne_eckman but changed it to match the title of my blog. I am now @GenealogicalGem.


Follow Friday is a genealogical prompt of GeneaBloggers.
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.