15 December 2014

On This Day the Battle of Nashville changes the direction of the war

Union forces under Maj. Gen. George Thomas, a native Virginian, almost completely destroyed the Army of Tennessee today in 1864 during the Battle of Nashville. The Army of Tennessee was led by Lt. Gen. John Hood. 

Hood had secured a position south of the city. It was his hope to draw the Union forces into an attack. Thomas held off attacking claiming it was freezing and Calvary support was limited. When he did finally attack on 15 December 1864, his men took to the west in close combat. Hood was forced to retreat two miles south by the end of the day. 

The battle continued the next day. Hood ordered a retreat further south and the Union claimed victory. It was the last major battle in the western theater. 

For more information on this battle, visit the Battle of Nashville Preservation Society online.


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