22 December 2014

Survivors found after 10 weeks in the Andes

I was only three years old when the plane crashed in the Argentine Andes. I do not obviously recall the actual news of the crash but, as a teen, I read “Alive!” by Piers Paul Read. The book moved me. Something about this incredible story of survival and desperation simply moved me.

It was On This Day – 22 December – in 1972, that the Chilean Air Force found 14 survivors of the crash. They had been up in the mountains for more than two months.

It had taken 10 days for Roberto Canessa and Fernando "Nando" Parrado to traverse down the mountain and find civilization and ultimately help for themselves and the others still on the mountain. They first saw a Chilean arriero - Sergio Catalán. The next day (22nd) the Chilean Air Force found the remaining survivors.

Originally the plane carried 45 passengers. The plane carried a Catholic Uruguayan rugby team, their family and friends. The plane crashed on Friday, 13 October.
Public Domain photo. Parrado and Canessa (sitting) with Chilean arriero Sergio Catalán who they first saw when they came off the mountain.
On This Day is a prompt I started this month to further explore historical events. I will make every effort to keep events localized to that of my research or research I am conducting for others. However, from time to time, it will simply be a subject that captured my attention.
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