16 January 2015

Funeral Card Friday: Frank Eckman

Today - 21 years ago - my husband's father passed away. It was a Sunday morning. Normally we would chat with Dad before leaving for church and see if there was anything he wanted us to pick up and basically just check in with each other. That morning we let him sleep because he had got in from work (he was the Police Chief for Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County) about the time I was getting up. I forget what happened that he had been called out late on Saturday. I remember we (hubby, oldest and I) were at church in Quarryville and we heard the sirens. We kind of looked at each other because it was an odd time and we both had an odd feeling but we did not even consider ...

After church we went over to my parents as usual. We were there when we got the call. Our nephew was up and staying over. He called and - hubby's mom was fighting cancer at the time in Philadelphia - at first my husband thought his nephew was that upset that he said the wrong grandparent. Then tho he mentioned they took him to LGH (Lancaster General Hospital). I barely recall the ride up and to be honest the rest of that morning is a blur.

Dad was a great guy. I met him actually before I did my husband. I was reporting for Lancaster Newspapers, covering Sadsbury Township, and he was, as I mentioned earlier, the Chief of Police. Now, for those not from a small town let me explain something. When I say Dad was the Chief, that is a little exaggeration. Dad was the entire department. It was a one man police department. He did everything from a little office about as big as broom closet. When he died, so did the department.

Vichnaya Pamyat.

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