01 January 2015

Genealogical Goals for 2015

I gave up on resolutions years ago. I simply have To-Do lists and Goals now. The goals listed here are personal records. These goals have nothing to do with any clients – current or future – except obviously to work on their goals and wants. So, without further ado, here are mine:

  1. Tweek it! By that I mean, go through folders – online and physical – and make sure all info is included in both places. Then sync FTM (Family Tree Maker) and Ancestry.com and make sure info updated, especially sources.
  2. Utilize social media more efficiently concerning genealogy. This includes being more active with #genchat!
  3. Blog daily using GeneaBlogger prompts.
  4. Blog daily using my #OnThsDay prompt.
  5. Write a My Family Calendar This Week post each Sunday.
  6. Participate in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge by Amy Johnson Crow.
  7. Write e/o month at Worldwide Genealogy! (Scheduled to begin in February).
  8. VanHorn line – confirm George’s parents. Were they John & Jane or Nicholas & Catherine?
  9. Also VanHorn line – dig deeper into Benjamin’s CW service/POW time.
  10. Still Line - Who fathered George David Still, son of Margaret Still?
  11. Keating Line – Was Anna Keating Walsh really a member of the Molly Maquires?
  12. O’Flaherty line – Where did Dennis come from in Ireland? Did he die/stay in Shenandoah?
  13. Find and confirm remaining 2x great grandparents: the mothers of Frances Skrabalak and Mary Kilpatrick.
  14. Hruszczak, Matys, Kurenda & Skrabalak Lines -- Research what it was like when Daddy's family immigrated and what Prusy, Austria and Sambor was like in the 1904 - 1913 range.
  15. Find obit for John Petro, who died 1/1/1989
  16. Eckman line – How did Charles Eckman die at the age of 27 on 26 August 1887?
  17. Miller line – Find out more about Socrates Miller CW service.
  18. Deyoe line – When did Daniel die? Was William Parker Deyoe (adopted son) related?
  19. Find and confirm remaining 2x great grandparents for Glenn’s side: Louise Sharp’s parents and Apolina Morrill’s parents.
  20. Longnecker line – decipher birth records from Bible page (sign of the …).
Whew! I plan on combining the various prompts with the individual person/family goals. This is of course in addition to work for others and things that just kind of pop up and grab my interest through the year! I also want to pay more attention to the living this year!
With that said, Happy New Year. Good luck on YOUR goals this year ... and please feel free to leave comments on the various posts from time to time.

    © Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, 2015
Locations listed are located in Pennsylvania (USA), unless otherwise noted in post.