19 January 2015

Genealogy Do Over has me done in

Still working on my Genealogy Do Over Week 3. I have to admit I feel pressured since I missed my self-imposed deadline of Sunday posting.

I had hoped to finish it up today but life got in the way! My girls and I went to the eye doctor for a schedule annual exam. I took the first appointment at 8:30 a.m. then the two of them went then he finished up with me. Mine takes a little longer since I have to get drops and get tested for glaucoma. On the good side, I do not have glaucoma and my blood vessels and my eyes in general look healthy. As a diabetic who has worn glasses since the second grade, my eye health is incredibly important to me. Anyway, my eyes were still huge at 2 p.m. They were so huge that I could have tried out for and got a role in Big Eyes, just on the basis on my eyes!

So for now, goodnight. Tomorrow I expect will be a busy day. A catch up day for me since the girls will be back in school finally. I love spending the long weekends with them but I have so much to do that I had put off this weekend, for myself and others.

Tomorrow also is Crista Cowan's weekly webinar at 1 p.m. via livestream. She is the Barefoot Genealogist from Ancestry.com and her webinars are so helpful both in content and contacts in the genealogy community. This week's topic is "An Introduction to Fold 3."

I just started using Fold 3 and it does take some getting used to so I can not wait for this one! I have played around a bit in there and did actually get a year subscription but so far am not impressed. I do think tho that may be because I know I am not using it to its fullest capacity. Two of my goals this year involve researching in regards to Civil War records. Both my 3x great uncle Benjamin Franklin Vanhorn served and was actually a POW at Belle Island. My goal for him is to find out more about his POW time. The other is Socrates Miller - my husband's 2x great grandfather. He served as well but I do not know very much about him or his record.

After Crista's webinar, I plan to join in #AncestryHour on Twitter. It runs about an hour or so and that should fit in perfectly with my schedule before I have to run pick up the girls after school. I am so excited that they found an extra curricular activity to be involved in. Come join us. I will be tweeting @GenealogicalGem.
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