18 January 2015

My Family Calendar This Week

This week begins today with the birthday of a famous children’s author, A.A. Milne. He was born in 1882. He is the author of Winnie the Pooh. Tomorrow (Monday) is a US day of observation, recalling Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birth in 1929. Last week’s 52 Ancestors theme had him in mind with the theme “Remembering the King.” The themes though are simply loose guidelines and I instead talked about Elvis and my Daddy! Wednesday is National Hugging Day so grab a family member and hug away!

Happy birthday this week to Chip Pelikoski, Stacey O’Flaherty and Diane Buckley McKiernan! May God grant you all Many Years.  

Memory Eternal
Monday (19 January) commemorates three who passed. Alice K. Eckman Dupal passed four years ago. Maria Herr Barr passed 199 years ago.  

Alice is my husband’s 4x cousin 1x removed, or at least that’s what FTM tells me! Alice is the daughter of Ross, son of Cyrus. Cyrus is the son of Mahlon, son of Henry. It is Henry’s parents, John Martin Eckman & Elizabeth Sides, that Alice and my husband share in common. They are the 4x great grandparents of my husband. 

Maria Herr is my husband’s 4x great grandmother. She was born in 1751 to Abraham and Fronica Herr. She married Martin Barr, to whom she had (2x great grandmother) Susan Barr. 

Tuesday (20 January) is the 100th anniversary of the passing of Joanna VanHorn and the 135th anniversary of John W. Deyoe. 

Joanna VanHorn is my 4x great grand aunt. She was the daughter of George W VanHorn and Jane Dudbridge. She was 66 when she died. Sadly, she never married. 

John W Deyoe is my husband’s 2x great grandfather. He was the son of Jacobus “James” Deyoe and Annatje “Hannah” Walker. He married Mary Schermerhorn in 1820. Jacobus Deyoe is as far as I have traced, in so far as documented. All records show the last name always spelled (side branches too) with the e on the end.  

Wednesday (21 January) is the 103rd anniversary of the passing of Hensell E. VanHorn. Hensell is the son of Benjamin Franklin VanHorn and Margaret Hensel, and the grandson of George W. VanHorn and Jane Dudbridge. FTM tells me (30 years and I still have a problem removing people!) that Hensell is my 1st cousin 3x removed. Hensell lived his life in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California. 

Saturday (24 January) is the 151st anniversary of the passing of Henry Eckman. Henry is my husband’s 3x great grandfather. His wife was Elizabeth Eckman, also a 3x great grandparent! Henry was a laborer in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County. 

My Family Calendar This Week will be a weekly feature. If you have suggestions on how to improve this feature please feel free to leave a comment below. 
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