08 January 2015

On This Day: Food rationing begins

It is a given and it seems obvious that during times of war that some luxuries may not be available on the home front. However, one does not normally consider food to be a luxury. During World War II, it evidently was, at least in Britain. Food rationing was introduced On This Day in Britain in 1940.

I have to admit, being in my mid 40’s, I cannot imagine food rationing by the government. So how does it work? It kind of sounds similar to our old WIC (Women, Infants and Children) system here in the States. A family was given ration books and registered at specific participating stores. Stores would receive enough food to cover those registered. The person/family would go shopping and the shop clerk would cancel (or stamp) the ration book.

Can YOU recall food rationing? Or any rationing for that matter? If so, please feel free to add your memories in the comment section below!


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