15 January 2015

On This Day: Notre Dame receives charter

The University of Notre Dame received its college charter On This Day in 1844 from the state of Indiana. The official name is Notre Dame du lac (Our Mother of the Lake). Originally the school only admitted male students.

Personal memory:
Growing up we had this priest, Father Charles something, who was a big Notre Dame supporter, especially when it came to football. On days that the Fighting Irish he would literally slip in little “and pray for the Fighting Irish today” or “help the Fighting Irish crush (opponent of the day) today” prayers. More than once he would whip thru the sermon just to add an extra prayer or thought about Notre Dame. If they played on a Saturday and won, then Sunday was a rejoicing day and we said prayers of thanks!

On This Day is a prompt I started this month to further explore historical events. I will make every effort to keep events localized to that of my research or research I am conducting for others. However, from time to time, it will simply be a subject that captured my attention. Some posts will be brief while others may be more detailed.                

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