14 January 2015

On This Day: Russia adopts the Gregorian calendar

Tracing my family tree has not only shown me where my ancestors come from and who they were, but also various historical facts throughout the years and the countries. One such fact is the change in calendar. The world pretty much entirely accepts the Gregorian, or Western, calendar at this point. It was first introduced in February of 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. Not everyone was quick to change. It was On This Day – in 1918 - that Finland and Russia adopt the Gregorian calendar.  


On This Day is a prompt I started this month to further explore historical events. I will make every effort to keep events localized to that of my research or research I am conducting for others. However, from time to time, it will simply be a subject that captured my attention. Some posts will be brief while others may be more detailed.

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