20 January 2015

On This Day: Wladyslaw becomes King of Poland

The geography of Poland has seen many changes over the years. Duke Wladyslaw Lokietek was coroneted King of Poland On This Day in 1320. He served Poland as King until 1333. He is, according to Adam Zamoyski’s The Polish Way, one of “the greatest Polish kings.” As King, he defeated the Teutonic Knights in 1331. 

Born in 1261, he is the son of Casimir I of Kuyavia and Euphrosyne of Opole. He was a prince of the Mazovian line. He married Hedwig of Kalisz. Their son, Kazimierz III, took reign after Wladyslaw died. 

Zamoyski, Adam. The Polish Way. NY: Hippocrene Books, 1987.
The Royal Seal of Wladyslaw the Short, as he was called, is a public domain image acquired through Wikipedia.


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