11 January 2015

Sunday’s Obituary: Muhlenberg DeYoe

This find is one of those maybe/potentially/ooo keep on the back burner finds. To my knowledge my husband’s Deyoe line always uses that final e and never capitalizes the y. However that is not to say one stray person didn’t simply change things up for whatever reason!

Muhlenberg DeYoe’s obituary ran as a Special to the New York Times on18 November 1933. It has a Ramsey, NJ dateline which is where – for no obvious reason - my husband’s grandfather (Morgan G Deyoe) ended up with his mother and brothers, presumably after his father, Daniel, passed away. That was the first of I had hear of Deyoes being in New Jersey but I still could not connect the two branches. In fact, I still can not with any certainty.  

His obituary reads:
Muhlenberg B. DeYoe
Special to the New York Times
RAMSEY, NJ – Nov. 17. – Funeral services for Muhlenberg B. DeYoe, pioneer carriage builder and lifelong resident here, were held today. He was 79 years old. Surviving are a son, Edgar A.; a Daughter, Mrs. Alexander McGaffen, and three brothers, J. Willard, Luther, and Charles P., the latter living in California.  

Any relation?
I do not know of any direct relation but like I said, similarities warrant a back burner on this one.


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