14 January 2015

Those Places Thursday: Eagle Tavern

The Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County recently released the 2015 Watch List of the most threatened historic properties in Lancaster County. One place on the list is the Eagle Tavern.

Built in 1815, this two and one-half story, federal style stone building was one of the best taverns built in a small town in Lancaster County. Originally, it was built first as a house for Samuel Miller and his wife, Anna, in 1815. There is an 1815 date stone centered on the western gable end.  

Back in November, the Lancaster County Historical Society opened its doors as part of National Archives Month. I took one of the tours … and it was so worth it! One of the items on display for use that day was the record book of the Eagle Hotel in Lampeter. The book showed a page from 1914. 

It is located at 901 Village Road, Lampeter. 


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